Small Community Vetrinary Clinic

This very well established clinic has been providing veterinary services for large and small animals for over 30 years.Services including surgery, digital radiology, limited ultrasound and laser, dental and medical for the local market ranging about 100 miles which includes urban and rural clients. Most individual large animals are haul-in; herd work is done at the ranch.
The clinic services ranch and companion animals. The companion animal work is steady year-round. The large animal increases in the spring with Bull testing and calving and again in the fall with the herd work like pregnancy testing and vaccinations. Horse work also tends to increase in the spring and summer.
The main building is 50’ x 40’ built in 1981 but improvements have been kept up, which include a new furnace and central air conditioning and some interior remodeling. Large animals have their own 12.5’ x 12.5’ surgery room; complete with a padded floor. There are run-in sheds with four pens in the back with automatic waterers. Next to them is a 12’ x 36′ three-sided hay shed. The “loafing shed” has three sides and is 12’ x 60’. There is also a horse barn which is 72’ x 36′ with five stalls, tack room storage and a hay loft. One of these stalls is a foaling stall, another has an outdoor pen attached. There are an additional three acres to build on as well.

This is an excellent opportunity for a veterinarian that is looking smaller community to raise a family.

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