Serious Buyers Only

Are You Serious About Purchasing a Business?

Separate Yourself From Other Buyers!

We solve the five dilemmas in your business search!

  1. How will I locate the right business?
    Of all the businesses for sale, only 20% of them are advertised for sale or listed with a business broker or intermediary. Our program uncovers the other 80% for you giving you the opportunity to review businesses other buyers never hear about!!
  2. How will I avoid paying too much?
    We are certified in both business valuation and equipment appraisals & will help you determine a fair price range for the business!
  3. How will I protect myself from unseen, hidden “red flags” that show up after I buy the business?
    Our step-by-step due diligence process examines all facets of the business, greatly diminishing the chances of “surprises” after the sale!
  4. How will I finance/structure the sale so it is advantageous for me?
    Finding the right financing is even more complex than finding the business itself. We do the shopping and structure the sale so it works for you!
  5. Who will present me as the best buyer for the seller’s business? How will I structure and present an offer?
    We help you create an offer, present it for you and negotiate on your behalf because we represent you!

Your Buyer Representation Approach is not for everybody. It is for the serious business buyer who wants an experienced business intermediary to work on their behalf to find those businesses currently not advertised. We help with valuation, protect from unwanted “surprises”, structure the sale, assist in obtaining financing and see the sale all the way through until consummated. In most cases, the moderate cost is offset by a reduced purchase price. We guarantee satisfaction because we work for you!

This approach is setting the standard for the way buyers purchase businesses! Call Yellowstone Business Acquisitions today to learn the professional way to buy a business. Yellowstone Business Acquisitions — (406) 655-4241

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