Fair Market Value of a Business

You must know what you can expect the potential buyer to pay for your business. Expect too little and you leave money on the table, expecting too much leads to frustration and impatience, and eventually to bad decision making.

Determining Fair Market Value

Determining Fair Market Value

There is a range of value the buying market is willing to pay for any business. Yellowstone Business Acquisitions has the experts to help you set a target range for your business. Using databases of comparable sales and sound valuation theories, combined with years of experience valuing hundreds of businesses, you have our expertise at your disposal to decide on a target range of value.

Don't rely on informal advice, hearsay, the latest rule of thumb or advisors who are not business valuation experts. Let us help you take out the guesswork in determining a fair market value of your business.

We take our responsibility seriously to help you price your business to get you the most amount of money in a reasonable amount of time and at the least inconvenience to you.